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Qui Docet Discit

Updated: May 29, 2020

This will be short and sweet this month. I did not have the time to dig deep into anything, but I did validate the saying "qui docet discit". People who I worked with in the past understand what this means, but for the rest of you, I will explain.

"Qui docet discit" is Latin for "he who teaches learns". This used to be the slogan of my former place of employment and is becoming a motto of mine. I started down the path of becoming a SANs instructor a few years back. I was preparing for my evaluation (my murder board) and knew I had to be at the top of my game. While I was prepping, I was thinking of all the different questions and statements that could come at me. With this in mind and some presentation rehearsals, I had to go beyond the SANs material to learn more about what I was presenting than was in the presentation. This allowed me to deal with all the questions and situations my evaluator through at me. Not only get I pass the first hurdle in becoming a SANs instructor, but I learned more about my subject than I ever knew prior.

I had a similar experience when building my "PowerShell Crash Course" class as well. I was asked to give a one day PowerShell class, and I have spent the last several weeks building it and developing the demos. During this process, I learned more about the technology than I am going to present. I learned some new techniques, solved some problems, and now have a deeper understanding of PowerShell.

Qui docet discit. He who teaches learns. If you are wanting to learn more about something, just volunteer to teach it. You will not want to fail or look like a fool, so you will spend time and effort into learning the subject well enough to teach someone else. This is the philosophy I am living by.

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